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Midwest Springers

We breed Bench, Field and hybrid lines of English Springer Spaniels. All adult parents are such a dear part of our family and are on premise, happy to meet you

How to Tell a Field From a Bench Springer Dog Care

The field English springer spaniel excels in hunting, while the bench type shows in conformation classes at dog shows. While dual-purpose -- field and bench -- dogs were common when the ESSFTA was founded, the last dual championship occurred in the 1940s.

Our Dogs

Maddie is a bench bred liver tri-color English Springer Spaniel. She has a very laid back wonderful personality and she loves everyone Maddie has had 3 wonderful litters for us with Cooper. We have now retired her from breeding. COOPER Cooper Blazingstars Sir Cooper comes to us from Springer Hills Farms.

The English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel. English Springer Spaniels, as a breed are even-tempered, gentle, friendly, and sociable dog, making a great family pet. They are intelligent, obedient, playful, energetic and quick learners. Springers do best when they are with people.

Field or Bench Harvest Hunters English Springer Spaniels

Field or Bench The Field Bred English Springer Spaniel is different from the Show Bred English Springer Spaniel. They have been different dogs, for 70 years .


We are a small hobby breeder of English Springer Spaniels. We are located in Livingston Montana, just 50 miles from beautiful Yellowstone National Park. We offer beautiful bench bred and European bred Springers with some having a little field bloodlines as well. Currently we produce liver and white, black and white, tri colors and roans.

Bench English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale

Bench English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale have 8 pictures it's including Pinterest, Bench Springer Spaniel Puppies By English Springer Spaniel Puppy For Sale Near Springfield ., English Springer Spaniel, Bench.

Blazing Star Springers

Blazing Star Springers are a very small family owned kennel. We live in the country outside of Granite Falls, MN. Springers have been a part of our lives for many years. We love the happy, easy-going nature of the springer spaniel. Bred for hunting upland fowl and companionship, the English Springer Spaniel is a great overall family dog. Our

Mar Ric English Springers Spaniels

Our kennel is located in the Pacific Northwest between the Seattle and Tacoma area. We are breeders of top ranking Show quality bench bred AKC Champion English Springer Spaniels.

Red Oak Springers Rensselaer, NY 12144

At Red Oak Springers, we breed and stud American bench/show, Euro-American and full European pedigree English Springer Spaniels. Per the American Kennel Club, we are hobby breeders, having raised and bred English Springer Spaniels for the past 30 years.

English Springer Spaniels: What's Good and Bad About 'Em

More traits and characteristics of the English Springer Spaniel. If I was considering an English Springer Spaniel, I would be most concerned about Providing enough exercise and mental stimulation. English Springer Spaniels need regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things.

About Us

For many years they had bench dogs until my father, an avid bird hunter, acquired his first field bred Springer. As a teenager, I acquired my hunters license so I could go bird hunting with my father and the dogs. Founder Seaview English Springer Spaniels.

About the Breed Springer Spaniel Ranch

The name English Springer Spaniel has been used since 1900. The English Springer Spaniel is a hearty, medium sized dog. Their tails are usually docked in American lines, and undocked in European lines. There is a major divide in the two types of springers: the field bred or working springer, and the show or bench bred springer.


Kennel Bella Luna English Springer Spaniels was born from the love for a girl named Emelia May Rose" and grew to the passion of wanting to breed quality dogs for Family, European and Bench Bred English Springer Spaniels bellalunaess6 gmail.com 952-738-1722 About

Kinni River Springers

we are raising bench/field bred english springer spaniels.we feel with both bench and field it makes a better dog. they will still hunt if you want them to but are more laid back then the field springer.so if you want a couch potato they are happy with that too

Field vs Bench Bred

Field vs. Bench Bred Springer's There are two types of English Springer Spaniels, the Field and the Bench or Show bred and the two have been known for over 70 years. As the name suggests the Field type is used in the field for hunting and the Show type is bred for their looks in the show ring.

PrairieWind Springers

We are a small family-owned hobby kennel on the beautiful prairie of SouthWestern Minnesota. We raise AKC Registered Field bred, a mixture of Field/Bench, and Bench purebred English Springer Spaniels on a country acreage at the edge of Slayton, Minnesota; just a half an hour north of I-90.

Differences in Bench and Field Springer Spaniels

The bench Springer Spaniels generally is a dark-colored dog, being primarily liver and white or black and white in color, although blue-gray or liver roan brown hairs mingled with white are acceptable.

About Us

The natural instincts are present in both bench and field bred, but either one will hunt only as well as it's owner trains it. Our puppies would do an exceptional job in agility, field trials, obedience or in the show ring. We believe that the English Springer Spaniel is the classiest dog in the AKC Sporting Group.

English springer Spaniels

I am a hobby breeder of English Springer Spaniels. I offer beautiful bench bred English Springer Spaniel puppies. I produce Liver and White, Black and White and Tri colored Springers. With the help of the children and other pets, we make sure that all of our puppies are very well socialized before they are placed with their adopting family.

English Springer Spaniel

The AKC recognized the English springer spaniel in 1910. The breed has evolved into two distinct types field and bench. The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association is the primary parent club in the U.S. Hunting Style and Temperament of the English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The English Springer Spaniel is the founder of all the English hunting spaniels. During the Renaissance, it was considered the ideal companion for the European hunter. Its popularity in America began in 1700.

Country Pride Springers

Characteristics of the English Springer Spaniel General Appearance and type The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-size sporting dog with a neat, compact body, and a docked tail. His coat is moderately long and glossy with feathering on his legs, ears, chest and brisket.

Sandyland Springers Family raised dogs for field and home

Our goal is to utilize the best of field and bench-bred bloodlines to preserve what we love best about Springers--family members with excellent minds, friendly personalities, and willing hearts. or the English Springer Spaniel breed in general, please feel free to drop us a note. Laura and Naion Lundy. Puppy Culture Address. 35835 Old Yermo

Meadowland English Springer Spaniels

Meadowland Springers Raising both bench and field English Springer Spaniels: Home Page: Contact: Traveler's 1 liver and white female- Meadowland's Miss Cindy: Sire Meadowland's Sir Winston: Meadowland English Springer Spaniels. Cindy and Winston's litter arrived on Friday, March 30, 2019. There are three liver and white males and two

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