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Hi all, I have a two story home, raised ranch style with a slab on grade. The entire first floor is supposed to be like a basement, built with concrete block, except just above ground.

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The home's concrete-slab floor is constructed with foam decking and connected to PEX tubing that will heat the home. The ReddiForm foam blocks enable a single concrete pour for the first-floor

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For the first floor, the most economical solution seems to be a 1-1/2" lightweight concrete slab on top of a suitably engineered wood subfloor. I would like to then stain some of the concrete and use it as a finished floor in some areas.

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Pouring Second-Story Concrete Flooring What You'll Need. Subfloor sheeting 4 mil plastic Concrete forms Pencil Cement tools: float, leveler, trowel Concrete The first floor foundation and second floor framing needs to be very strong. You dont want to begin the process and then determine that the buildings foundation isnt strong enough.

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First floor encompasses kitchen/ living/ dining/ half bath. I am on a concrete slab and I am looking for the best type of flooring to endure two 50-60 pound dogs and will also allow installation of radiant heat floor mats.

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Wait for the concrete slab on the lowest level of foundation walls to be poured and the first floor of the foundation to be built at least before you begin the backfilling process. Give the concrete adequate time to cure to design strength.

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Im on the second floor and the floor is 6 inch concrete slab with I think at least 1 inch steel rebar as reinforcement. The span is 2.5 meters and the support beams are basically 18 x 18 inch reinforced concrete beams that are really strong. I can get 3 phase power brought in if necessary as the tenant on the first floor is a factory. 03

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Hi all, I had a question about proper installation of a wood floor on a concrete slab. Assuming the slab has been moisture tested and passes with flying colors , would it be alright to just put a plywood subfloor and finished wood floor on top? In the case of a project I am working on now the slab on grade at the first floor is above a

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Am thinking about putting in concrete slabs at 1st floor level but I want to spray plaster the underside of the slab. this means that all electric wiring must run on top of the concrete slab. Am wondering has anyone else done this construction method. Two options i think im left with at first floor level: 1 Put in concrete slab. Then first fix wiring.

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In this video we show you how to pour your basic 16 x 12 Concrete Slab We go over all the necessary steps for your concrete slab to come out perfect We show you how to form the slab, put rebar


When a house has a concrete slab-on-grade with a thickened edge forming its perimeter foundation also called a turned-down slab edge , one No. 4 horizontal reinforcing bar is required in the top and bottom of this footing as shown in Figure 3-8.

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Tilt up - Wikipedia . Tilt-up, tilt-slab or tilt-wall is a type of building and a construction technique using concrete. Once the pad casting surface or floor slab has cured, forms are built on top.

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Floor slabs are often the source of leakage into the building with slab cracking of common concrete materials being a primary cause. For cases with hydrostatic pressure from ground water levels the first phase of control of moisture can be accomplished through pumping and dewatering systems to artificially drive down the natural water table

Concrete slab or a timber-joisted floor which is best

Generally speaking, a concrete slab is going to cost you more money to build. Whether its a slab-on-ground for your Ground Floor, or a suspended slab for your First Floor, a concrete solution is going to cost more money in materials, labour, and time.

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First floor plan. All the floor slabs for the Vertical Glass House, which consists of 7cm thick composite tempered glass slabs, cantilevers beyond the concrete shell through the horizontal slivers

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The 4 Types of Foundation Found in Homes. Share this post. Homes with basements begin with a hole around 8 feet deep, ending with a concrete slab. The walls of the basement are typically formed by cinder blocks, and the entire process is done in three portions: first the beams are poured, then the walls, and finally the slab inside the

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Project: Building an Addition for an Elderly Parent, Episode 2, Part 2. Last, the concrete for the first floor slab and walls is poured, all at once, thanks to the ReddiForm blocks. The sidewalls are supported by a vertical bracing and scaffolding system, which prevent the walls from being blown out during the pour.

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The floor is the next step in our structural ladder footing, foundation, floor, walls, ceiling, roof . The floor will either be wood or a concrete slab. The first floor is supported by the foundation. The second floor in a two story home rests on the first floor walls and other supporting structures headers and beams .

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Need a new concrete garage floor? Make sure you get a concrete slab that will last as long as your house stands. Good concrete slabs in garages will hold up to all of the weight they need to bear, through hot and cold weather, and for many long years with little if any evidence of cracks. We have a garage slab like that.

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Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary. Search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters. floor floor ie. metal plate, concrete slab, wooden planking etc Show Strokes. ground or first floor bottom of a pile lowest rung of society Show Strokes.

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A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings. Horizontal slabs of steel reinforced concrete , typically between 4 and 20 inches 100 and 500 millimeters thick, are most often used to construct floors and ceilings, while thinner slabs are also used for exterior paving.

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First Floor Slabs is a well established company, specialising in all concrete work, specifically suspended in-situ cast concrete structures. Established in 1999, First Floor Slabs has a broad portfolio, with a multitude of successful projects since then.

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Hi All, Currently applying for planning permission for a 270m2 two storey house in cork. However, not 100% on whether to go with a concrete slab first floor or a suspended timber first floor.

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Different types of concrete slabs flat one and two way, hollowcore ribbed, hardy, arch, sunken, grade post tension pre, pitch roof, sunshade, waffle slab Waffle slab is a reinforced concrete roof or floor containing square grids with deep sides and it is also called as grid slabs. This kind of slab is majorly used at the entrance of hotels

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The factor that mostly influence the cost of a slab, is the floor layout. The slab thickness can be reduced and the need for beams can be eliminated by limiting the distance between loadbearing walls on the ground floor.

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1. no - you can install UFH in a timber floor structure 2. For first floor most practical option is usually precast hollowcore screed 3. if first floor is concrete better to make inner leaf 215 thick You need a structural engineer . You can't make these decisions yourself , even with consulting here .

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At First Floor. homeSPAN concrete floors offer superior sound insulation at first floor; When the homeSPAN slabs are placed on site, they provide an immediate safe working platform. Speed of Construction. homeSPAN significantly reduces overall build time, increasing cost savings.

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chinese first floor concrete slab. Home / chinese first floor concrete slab. Product News; outdoor faux panels for porch and deck; Rescue efforts have now been suspended and authorities are using heavy machinery to clear the broken and crushed concrete slabs to get to the bottom floor, where emergency workers expect to find.

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Step 1. Wait for the concrete slab on the lowest level of foundation walls to be poured and the first floor of the foundation to be built at least before you begin the backfilling process. Give the concrete adequate time to cure to design strength. At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this can take 28 days, but the process can be longer in colder weather.

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