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90 retaining wall design ideas for creative landscaping

Retaining wall design ideas can be simple or complex boulder walls, stone walls, wood, concrete, etc. can be used as materials. The choice of these materials will depend on the amount of work to be done for the wall construction. Bricks are a common material for the construction of retaining walls.

Pavers and Retaining Walls

All Pavers and Retaining Walls. Edging. Edging Stakes. Patio Paver Kits. Retaining Walls. Use retaining wall blocks, to get you started. If youre in need of patio or backyard inspiration, check out our front yard landscaping ideas, backyard ideas and backyard patio ideas.

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Dansons Landscaping Inc builds retaining block walls, among other landscaping features, for the Silverdale, WA, area. View our gallery online today

Top 60 Best Retaining Wall Ideas

Top 60 Best Retaining Wall Ideas Landscaping Designs. The advanced landscaper is inclined to regard the retaining wall as a kind of engineering masterwork, an invaluable tool for crafting an outdoor space with optimum beauty and enjoyment in mind.

Retaining Wall Ideas Retaining Wall Design Landscape

Mastering Your Back Yard. Interlocking concrete blocks are assembled without mortar, come in many styles, and are available at any home improvement center. Simple but labor-intensive to build, a concrete block retaining wall is a good do-it-yourself project. Costs for materials are $10-$15/sq. ft. of wall face.

How To Build a Retaining Wall Step-by-Step

You'll also learn the importance of using 3/4" gravel behind your retaining wall blocks so excess moisture doesn't build up behind the wall and potentially cause it to fall over.

Retaining Wall Design

Garden Retaining Wall Ideas. A retaining wall is a specially designed structure that holds soil on one side and is free standing on the other. They help to accommodate changes in grade in a landscape with uneven topography. These walls often allow steeper cuts to a slope to yield more usable space on a cut-and-fill hillside lot.

27 Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas and Terraced Gardens

27 Garden and Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas and Terraced Gardens. A simple terrace created with wooden blocks, chicken wire, and large stones for a rustic look. The landscaping is simple and low maintenance. A retaining wall with two tiers of landscaping that follows a paved pathway.

Ideas for Landscaping in Front of Block Walls Home

Ideas for Landscaping in Front of Block Walls Mediterranean Style. Growing at a rate of about 3 feet per year, Trellis Screens. A series of attractive, sturdy cedar or redwood lattice-panel screens, Overhead Structures. An existing block wall is the ideal backing for a garden structure


Redi-Scapes is available in regional colors to match any landscape; contact your local manufacturer for color options in your area. Redi-Scapes was a great option for the head walls and columns for this small arch bridge. Redi-Scapes is a gorgeous, natural choice for landscaping any project.

Top 2018 Retaining Wall Landscaping Designs Ideas and Pic

A retaining wall is a wall made up of concrete, rock, or stone that is typically used to hold back soil on uneven terrain. However, there are also many ideas and plans for landscaping with retaining walls other than using them as a blockade.

Top 2018 Retaining Wall Landscaping Designs Ideas and Pic

Retaining Walls. There are many different retaining wall ideas to select from should you want to use this type of design in your landscaping plans. Choose from the top 2018 retaining wall landscaping ideas to find the best design plants to add garden wall blocks into your exterior plans.

Retaining Wall Blocks 2016 Landscape Design Ideas

Retaining wall blocks are popular landscaping structures that are designed to hold and contain soil in uneven land. In addition to restraining soil, retaining walls are often used to add additional décor to otherwise bland front and back yards.

35 retaining wall blocks design ideas how to choose the

Retaining wall blocks concrete blocks pros and cons. One of the most common ways to build a retaining wall of concrete blocks is to stack them on top of one another and secure them with pins, clips or interlocking edges. Interlocking blocks are manufactured with a decorative front and a lip on the back.

Landscape Retaining Walls Tips, Ideas and Uses

Landscape Retaining Walls. The height and length of the wall, along with the materials used, will determine the cost. Some materials to consider are decorative block, brick, and natural stone my favorite . Sometimes a combination of re-grading and walls works well too. This will reduce the height of the walls and also the cost.

How to Build a Retaining Wall: A Landscaping Idea You'll

Step No. 1: Figure out where your wall should go. Let's say the style of block you choose measures 1 foot long and your wall is 20 feet long; each row will need 20 blocks. Next, settle on how high you want your wall. If your blocks are 4 inches high, a 3-foot wall will need nine rows with 20 blocksor 180 blocks total.

Build a Retaining Wall with Landscape Blocks Garden Club

Landscape blocks are some of the best things to happen to walls in a long time. Made of precast concrete, they have textured faces that make them look a lot more like stone than concrete. The blocks are durable and can easily be cut into smaller pieces to offset courses as you build your wall.

Landscaping With Cinder Blocks DoItYourself.com

Landscaping With Cinder Blocks By: There are many different ways to use cinder blocks in your landscaping to create something functional and totally one-of-a-kind. Here's just a few ideas. Build a Wall. Use the blocks to create a wall to provide privacy or divide property. Take the project a step further by constructing the wall to support

Top 20 Wall Project Ideas For Beautiful Landscapes

Top 20 Project Ideas For Beautiful Landscapes. Click on a project below to get an in-depth look at the plan, design and building techniques used to create some very interesting projects. Checkout the photo gallery or our weekend project ideas for more creative ways to spice up your landscape.

Retaining Wall Block Ideas for diy Landscape Design

Small Backyard Ideas. Another style of retaining wall is anchored wall. Do it yourself landscaping can be built from steel, wood, concrete, or mortar, similar to the other types, however this wall is also attached to a cable anchored into the ground behind it to provide more support and stability.

Landscaping Walls Picture Gallery

Corner lot landscaping ideas like this small curved stone are a great way to add curb appeal. We have some great retaining wall ideas using stone, landscaping timbers and boulders. A single tier of large block placement stones is another easy and effective way to landscape a small frontyard slope.

DIY Retaining Wall Tips and Ideas DIY

Learn how you can build your own retaining wall with these step-by-step instructions and ideas from DIYNetwork.com.

Ideas for Landscaping in Front of Block Walls Home

Overhead Structures. An existing block wall is the ideal backing for a garden structure that provides a comfortable, shady seating spot. Mounted on posts or columns, an open-beam or lattice roof

Landscaping With Cinder Blocks DoItYourself.com

Build a Wall. If you're building a privacy wall or retaining wall, consider filling cinder block holes with concrete as you build and using mortar to create a tight, firm connection between every block. If you want to build a living wall, stack cinder blocks so the holes face upright all along the top edge.

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