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Being the outermost layer, cladding encompasses all exterior surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, trims and soffits. There are many different types of exterior cladding available today such as concrete, shingles, siding, stucco and masonry. Siding . Siding is the most common type of exterior cladding preferred by architects and home owners.

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Cladding can be defined as an exterior finishing system thats purpose is to protect the underlying structure as well as to provide a decorative finish. There are many different types of cladding that you can choose from so you are sure to find the one that is most suitable for you. New PVC Wall and Ceiling Cladding System. Give Your

What are the Different Types of Cladding Materials?

Cladding materials are a type of construction product used to finish and protect the exterior walls of a home. Exterior cladding, also known as siding, can be used to give a home the desired appearance while keeping water, wind, and other elements out.

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11 EXTERIOR WALL CLADDING DESIGN MATERIALS . 1. Brick cladding An extremely versatile material, metal mesh cladding is great for shaping different designs to form interesting architectural designs. It can also be effectively used for wall cladding design elements like privacy screens or sun protection.

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3 Different Types of Exterior Cladding The exterior skin or envelope of a building offers protection from the elements. Sometimes an exterior walls structure provides the decorative finish, as in a brick or stone wall structure.

Popular Cladding Materials for Exterior Renovation

Learn how cladding can transform the exterior of a building and save on long-term costs. Aesthetics is a huge factor when dealing with wall cladding projects, but cladding offers much more to a construction project than cosmetic upgrades. Learn About Different Types of Toilet Partitions and Their Advantages.

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7 Types of Cladding 1. 7 Types of Cladding There are more cladding types than you might think 2. What is cladding? Cladding is an exterior finishing system meant to protect the underlying structure like a home and provide an aesthetically appealing finish.

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Types of Exterior Walls. Exterior walls support the roof of a house and shield its interior. They must be strong enough to carry the weight of the roof and to resist the forces of wind and weather, but also should be attractive. Ideally they also should provide some insulation and be easy to maintain. Some exterior walls combine supportive strength

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3 Types of Exterior Walls and Cladding. by : Colin . share. There are various different types of stucco and effects that can be created, including patterned stucco, rough or pebble-dash. With metal cladding you can create a modern, industrial look, or add a touch of creativity to a simple exterior wall.

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The ultimate home siding guide setting out 17 types of home siding with photo examples, pros, cons, costs and more. 17 Different Types of House Siding with Photo Examples Simple sheets of plywood are installed for exterior walls, commonly used on inexpensive buildings.

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Exterior Cladding Options Your Guide to NZs Best Cladding Systems and House Cladding Types. 07 / May / 2015. When you are comparing different house cladding types, put some thought into it, get creative and make sure your house ends up with the style that you want.

The Different Types and Benefits of Exterior Wall Claddings

Home Blog Building Restoration Is it time for new Exterior Wall Cladding on your Commercial The different types of Cladding options for Commercial Buildings are: come in a number of materials ranging from vinyl and brick to metal offering different styles which can complement different types of buildings. Exterior Wall Claddings are

What Are the Different Types of Exterior Cladding?

The term encompasses all exterior surfaces, including walls, windows and doors, soffits, and trim. The most common usage of the term, however, usually refers to the wall covering. Many different types of exterior cladding are available including siding, shingles, masonry, concrete, and stucco.

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