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sloping existing concrete floor

Existing concrete pad flat, like to ad some slope to it

Existing concrete pad flat, like to ad some slope to it My plan was to use an add-mix solution and form a slope on top the existing pad. It's in good condition, only minor imperfections but

New Floor Drains Epoxy-Urethane Flooring

OPTION B EXISTING CONCRETE no sloped underlayment , or POURING A NEW SLAB. Finalize the drain layout, and specify style/size/material for new drains. Specify new drain elevations. For drains, the top of drain shall be slightly less than the existing concrete floor, and should allow for 1/4 inch per foot slope around the new drain.

Slope to Drains Flooring Food-Beverage Floors Epoxy and

Installation of Slope to Drain Flooring. EPF carefully controls all steps of the installation process, for sloping existing concrete floors to drains projects. Each customer is assigned a dedicated project team, which includes a project manager, site manager, team leader and 6-12 flooring technicians.


FLOOR-TOP STG Concrete Floor Topping from W. R. Meadows is a self-leveling floor topping and underlayment that may be pumped or poured. it is not practical to apply a uniform depth on a sloped floor. Meaning, if the desired minimum application depth is 1/4 6.35 mm and the slope of the floor is 1/2 12.7 mm from end to end, then the

Pouring a new concrete basement, level or sloped to floor

Pouring a new concrete basement, level or sloped to floor drain? Hey, im planning on finishing the basement. live in an old brownstone with a basement that is between 7'6" and about 6'6" on the opposite side. too low for code. The footers are more than 8' deep so I spent the last week breaking up the existing concrete floor, pulling out the old

New wooden floor over sloping existing concrete

In my stable-to-office conversion the existing concrete floor with a rubberised finish slopes from the far end of the stable down to the end with the doorway to enable good drainage the fall

How to Prepare a Floor for a Walk-in Shower Home Guides

Prepping a floor for a walk-in shower requires waterproofing, sloping of the floor for drainage and attention to the weight bearing capacity of existing floors.

How to Level a Slanted, Sloping Floor

How to Level a Slanted, Sloping Floor. By Lee Wallender. Updated 11/26/18. Pin Share Bridging: On the top side of the floor, another fix-it idea to lay down new over the existing floor. Best Oil-Stain Removers for a Concrete Floor Flooring and Stair Basics

Sloping existing concrete floor to drain

Sloping existing concrete floor to drain I'm planning to adapt an existing concreted bay in a pole barn to be a milkhouse for a small dairy we're opening. The slab is very thick and flat, not sloped.

Sloping Concrete Floors

Sloping Concrete Floors Another great and well thought out question, which is best answered at length. Dear Pole Barn Guru: The construction manual states that concrete slab floors should be poured so there is 3-3/4 of skirt board left exposed above the slab.

Garage Floor Puddle Problem: What to Do?

If you build the tapering form correctly, a strht-edge screed can be used to get this concrete level with the tapered form boards, sloping to the door. Etching the existing concrete floor is a good idea. They also make a bonding agent that is painted onto the floor.

How do I create a drainage slope on my concrete slab

Hi, I have a 60's rambler with an 8" wide and 30' long concrete slab running under the eaves to the front door. The slab can't be removed as it runs under the brick on the front of my home. I'm going to lay pavers over the concrete plan but have a concern. The concrete slab is in very good condition but it doesn't slope away from the house.

Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch This Old House

Re: Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch cjsand How big is your porch, and how much lower is it than your house floor? you might be able to add tile or brick pavers to the top of the porch by adding a sloping morter bed?

How to Pour a Leveling Layer of Concrete Over the Existing

You can level an existing concrete floor with a leveling layer of new concrete, but you must prepare the old concrete floor first. Neglecting to prepare the old surface will prevent the new concrete from adhering correctly, resulting in a weak bond between the two layers.

Bonding To Existing Concrete Sakrete

There are two basic methods for bonding a portland cement based product to existing concrete. Click here to learn more. Project Solutions; Top Products; How-To Videos Bonding to Existing Concrete. Share: Fact: Fresh wet concrete does not normally bond well to existing dry concrete. lower strength material will be the result. Concrete


CONVENTIONAL CONCRETE OVERLAYS A concrete floor may be resurfaced with a fully bonded, par, tially bonded, or unbonded conventional concrete overlay. A fully bonded overlay is placed on the existing concrete floor after the surface has been textured and cleaned. A sand-cement grout is used to develop strong bond, making the

How to Slope a Concrete Floor eHow

How to Slope a Concrete Floor. Whether you are pouring a concrete floor for your shower or for another area such as your garage, sloping a concrete floor directs water away from the higher areas of the floor. It is not a difficult project to complete, but does require a certain amount of precision and accuracy in order to obtain the best possible

Fixing very uneven concrete floors in existing houses

Fixing very uneven concrete floors in existing houses? December 15, 2010 12:13 PM Subscribe Builders and contractors: is there anything that can be done, after-the-fact, about very uneven, sloped concrete floors?

sloping concrete slabs

hey there - I have two scenarios regarding the sloping of concrete slabs for which I would like some opinions. 1. typical concrete slab on grade 6" or 8" used for maintenance facility type application; has multiple floor drains to which we need to slope the slab.

Leveling Existing Concrete Patio for Drainage The Home

Leveling Existing Concrete Patio for Drainage. another recommendation I had seen for the water drainage was to install fresh concrete over the existing. I would install at the appropriate drops every few feet to provide the necessary drainage. What you really want is a slightly sloping floor constantly directing water toward the

Adding or Filling Concrete over Existing Garage Slab

Adding or Filling Concrete over Existing Garage Slab - Home Remodeling ideas that might be helpful before pouring a new concrete slab over an existing one. Roof Framing To Existing Sloping

How to Improve an Uneven Concrete Patio Hunker

How to Improve an Uneven Concrete Patio Sloping concrete slabs are the result of improper pouring of the patio at the time of installation, excessive wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions and shifting of the underlying soil. glide a floor grinder over the surface to create an abrasive surface suitable for the bonding material

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