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how to install concrete fence posts and gravel boards

Fitting a Gravel Board DIY Doctor

Gravel boards are fitted between fence posts and under fence panels to stop ant gravel, soil etc damaging the actual fence itself. The image below shows a gravel board fitted to a wooden post in the simplest possible way by fixing a batten to each post and simply screwing the gravel board to the batten.

Concrete fencing posts, gravel boards

Concrete Fencing Products. Concrete fencing can be used with timber panels or the Eco fencing system. A range or posts and gravel boards are available and will cater for every type of garden.

Posts and Gravel Boards Cheltenham Fencing

A complete range comprising pre-slotted posts, corner posts, end posts, recessed posts as well as concrete spurs and gravel boards, we offer everything you need for your fencing project. Post and rail fencing is a traditional fencing solution that creates a rural look typically found in country properties and those with large gardens, fields or

Fence Gravel Boards Wooden Gravel Boards Jacksons Fencing

Gravel Boards. Used when panels are in contact with the ground as part the 25 year Jakcure guarantee conditions. Add a finishing touch. Give a fence extra height. Protects the panel or fence timber.

Fencing Fence Posts Post Caps Gravel Boards

Furthermore, timber and concrete gravel boards give a little extra height to the fence and are just as important as good capping in adding a finishing touch to a professionally erected run of fencing.

How To Install Featheredge Fencing

Once all the posts and rail are in, fit the gravel boards. Once the posts are set, you can hammer the nails in fitting the boards without compromising the fit of the posts. Nail the Featheredge Boards in place, first nail in place the 1st two boards at either end, both facing inwards narrow edge facing inwards .

How to erect a fence, garden project

On the house: A small garden project, where we take down an old and brocken fence and renewing it with a new. This construction uses concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and new fence.

Concrete Fencing Concrete Fence Posts and Gravel Boards

Concrete panels make the perfect sound barrier and in some cases, concrete fencing also comes with a warranty against defects. Concrete Fence Posts Concrete fence posts and gravel boards are a sturdy, maintenance free, long lasting fencing essential whose popularity has grown in recent years, due in part to their tough construction.

Gravel Boards Installation

This is usually about 22mm to allow the gravel board to be flush with the face of the post, but this is down to preference. The gravel board is then nailed onto the face of the cleat, completing the installation. 65mm nails are suggested for use with cleats and gravel boards.

Concrete Fence Posts And Gravel Boards Timber Fence

Concrete fence posts and gravel boards are often used in combination to build the perfect fence. If every yard were perfectly square, leveling your fencing would be easy and simple. Since this is not the case, you are going to have to find other solutions.

Help fitting concrete gravel boards DIYnot Forums

If it is not quite level, you can make a slight excavation and sit the board on mortar or fine concrete. Incidentally, you can get these gravel boards in 6" or 12" sizes. The 12" ones are better, but, of course, twice as heavy. It is possible to paint the boards, and the concrete posts, with dark brown masonry paint.

How to Install a New Garden Fence Concrete Fence Posts

Step 10. Place the Gravel Boards Between the Posts. Lay your gravel boards on the ground between your posts. Make sure they slot into the grooves of the posts. Step 11. Slot you Fence Panels into your Slotted Concrete Posts. You should be able to slot each of the fence panels between the concrete posts, from above.

Concrete Fence Posts Gravel Boards Fence Rite

Our concrete fence products range from 8ft concrete fence posts to concrete gravel boards, all made from high quality concrete. Concrete features are the perfect way to add style to your fencing as well as keep it secure and protected from water.

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts

Being heavy, you will need two people to fix concrete posts into the ground and there is only one way to do it by digging deep holes. A six-foot fence panel will need at least eight and a half feet posts basic maths = at least two and a half feet into the ground .

Installing Our Own Fencing with Concrete Posts and Gravel

I now know that installing fencing is incredibly hard work. Or at least ones with concrete posts and gravel boards. That said, Id do it all over again as its a very rewarding job that has saved us £650 compared to a quote we received.

How to fit gravel boards Blog Buy Fencing Direct

How and when to fit gravel boards: It's easy to fit a gravel board. Get your posts and panels up and to your liking, and then fit small chunky pieces of wood near the base of the posts. Then screw the gravel board to these blocks. Simple. It makes it easier to replace gravel boards are the most likely part of your overall fencing to rot first

concrete gravel boards with wooden fence posts

Long story cut short, i have concrete posts, gravel boards and wooden fencing both sides. I removed the old ivy eaten wooden posts and panels from the rear and am in the process of reinstalling a new fence. There is no room for concrete posts, so wooden spiked posts is my only option.

Fence Posts and Gravel boards

Concrete fence posts / Concrete gravel boards / Wooden fence posts / Wooden Gravel boards . Trade Discount Avalible Our Concrete Posts are completely unaffected by moisture and rot and will give years of extra life to any panel fencing installation. 1500mm H x 90mm W x 105MM T .

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts and Fencing Gravel Boards

Metposts cannot be used with this product. When concreting fence posts into the ground the posts should be buried a minimum of 600mm deep the recommended depth for a 1.80m or 6 foot high fence is 760mm or two foot six inches. Concrete fence posts can be installed with either a mixture of ballast and cement or postfix.

Concrete Gravel Boards and Posts Home Design By Dave

The gravel boards will prevent mud, moisture, insects and whatever else that can cause the fence to deteriorate, which could mean replacement well before its due. Easy to Install Different Ways. The gravel boards provide flexibility when the height of your fence can vary due to the terrain.

Concrete Gravel Boards and Posts Home Design By Dave

Concrete Gravel Boards and Posts. Easy to Install Different Ways. The gravel boards provide flexibility when the height of your fence can vary due to the terrain. For example, if the fence location is sloped, the concrete gravel boards can be partially buried making your fence sit level as a result.

Concrete Fence Posts Concrete Gravel Boards Buy

Enhance the longevity of your timber fence panels with our durable concrete fence posts. Be sure to use concrete posts in conjunction with concrete gravel boards, as these raise your panels above the damp ground, further increasing their potential lifespan. Set Descending Direction.

Erecting close-board fencing DIY Tips, Projects and Advice

Dig each post hole. Compacted hardcore should be added to each hole to a depth of 100mm 4in . Apply wood preserver to the cut ends of the posts before putting them in the holes. Place the first post in the hole and carefully address the front of the post to the string line without pushing the string out of position.

How to install concrete gravel boards? Screwfix

If the ground is level then just sit the gravel board on to it, no need at all the sink it into the ground. If the ground isn't level then just sink one end into the ground to level the board, this though will involve stepping the bay's as the ground raises. Click to expand Thanks for the reply, Phil.

Slotted Fence Posts and Gravel Boards Allen Concrete

Concrete gravel boards. When combined with concrete gravel boards an even more robust structure can be achieved. As the bottom of the fence panel is kept off the ground, rotting of the wood is prevented, considerably prolonging its lifespan. We provide lightweight and heavy-duty slotted fence posts in a variety of lengths.

Concrete fence posts and gravel boards

Currently they are replacing wooden posts and gravel boards. While we can employ manual handling aids to assist with moving the posts and gravel boards to the workplace we are struggling to identify aids to lift the gravel boards into the slotted fence posts.

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