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Concrete retaining walls are structures designed to provide lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. A retaining wall provides the structural support to hold the lateral pressure of the earth which would otherwise collapse into a more natural shape.

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Concrete Retaining Wall. Longevity: A Strength: A Maintenance: A-Ease of Install: C Cost: C. A poured concrete wall is very labor intensive and expensive compared to the other landscape retaining walls. You typically dont see too many concrete or veneered retaining walls when they are under four feet tall.

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The three main types of retaining walls are concrete, and masonry or stone. The materials you choose will depend on the location of the wall, the aesthetic qualities you prefer, and how long you expect the wall to last.

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Types of Concrete Walls. Many different types of concrete walls are available today. You have the option of a concrete wall that looks like stone or brick. The wall can be made right on the premises or shipped in already made. The traditional color of concrete, although still available, is becoming a thing of the past. These new concrete walls

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1. Retaining Wall Types the most common type of retaining walls and include gabions, bin walls, and modular block concrete construction. In most cases the slope behind the wall A modular block or gabion basket type retaining wall can be used in nearly all of

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The Many Types of Concrete Retaining Walls Newer concrete retaining wall systems can cut the cost of cast-in-place walls in half. By Mark Wallace Download the PDF version of this article. 909.94 kB Traditional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls are fast becoming untraditional. They cost too much and take too long to build.

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Types of Load Bearing Wall. Precast Concrete Wall; Retaining Wall; Masonry Wall; Pre Panelized Load Bearing Metal Stud Walls; Engineering Brick Wall 115mm, 225mm Stone Wall; As the height of the building increased, required thickness of wall and resulting stress on foundation will also increase and cause it to be uneconomical.

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Retaining walls are as the name suggests any wall that is designed to retain any material. The material could be earth, water, anything else that needs to be retained.

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Gravity Retaining Walls. The first and arguably the most common type of retaining wall we are going to look into is the gravity retaining wall. The name comes the fact that the self-weight of the wall resists the pressure from the soil back and of course the self-weight is due to gravity.

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Gravity Retaining Walls. It is that type of retaining wall that relies on their huge weight to retain the material behind it and achieve stability against failures. Gravity Retaining Wall can be constructed from concrete, stone or even brick masonry.

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a cantilever wall. The many types of concrete retaining walls Newer concrete retaining wall systems can cut the cost of cast-in-place walls in half Cast-in-place walls have been built since about 1900, but now they usually are economical only for low walls. In re s e a r ching this article, we

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Here is a list of some of the unreinforced retaining walls, keep in mind that some of these options could be reinforced with steel and concrete as well in a hybrid-type installation: Criblock Retaining Walls. Criblock is a type of Unreinforced retaining wall. Unreinforced Criblock retaining walls consist of interlocking concrete cribs.

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Concrete Block Retaining Wall: While not as attractive, a retaining wall can be made of concrete cinder blocks installed on a poured concrete footing. Rebar embedded in the footing extends up into the blocks, which are mortared in place then filled with concrete.

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Three basic types of block used for raised planters and retaining wall structures: Standard Concrete Block CMU This block measures 8" x 8" x 16" and features two identical openings or cells.

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Retaining walls are, Epic retaining wall guide setting out the 10 different materials you can use to build a functional, durable, strong and beautiful retaining wall. The 10 Different Materials for Building a Retaining Wall in Your Yard. Concrete walls have to be carefully designed, so you should ask for a professional advice about the

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Another type of retaining wall that you should consider when doing your home project is a cantilevered retaining wall. These types of walls are made using reinforced concrete. These types of walls are made using reinforced concrete.

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Types of Retaining Walls - Gabion walls - Reinforced concrete walls - Sheet pile walls - MS walls mechanically stabilized - Slurry and Secant Walls - Soil nailing L. Prieto-Portar 2008. This type of wall was known to Roman military engineers, and was used for deep excavations.

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Depending upon the site conditions, type of material to be retained and the height of the wall to be constructed, retaining wall may be built in dry Stone masonry, stone masonry, brick masonry, plain cement concrete and reinforced cement concrete.

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