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Like a deck made of any material, any homeowner will get out of Singapore Chengal wood decking what gets put into it. Chengal is one of Singapores most common natural-wood decking materials, roughly equivalent in quality probably to the yellow pine milled for North American pressure-treated lumber.

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Chengal decking is one of the most common wood decking material in Singapore. Its quality is actually an equivalent of the yellow pine of North America. The presence of chengal deck in your house will surely multiply the beauty of your house.

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Pros And Cons On Chengal Decking: Chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long as they are properly cared for. Decks made from Chengal wood appear sturdy and elegant because of the strength of this particular wood. Compared to other wood materials, Chengal seems to stand out hence preferred by most Singaporeans.

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Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore today. The timber is classified as naturally durable and is very resistant to termite attack and fungal infestation.

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Timber decking supplier in Singapore providing Merbau Decking, Irvonwood Decking, Yellow balau Decking and Chengal Decking. Home About Vinyl Flooring Decking Service Yellow Balau Decking. Chengal Decking. Color: Light yellow-brown in colour that seasons to dark brown. It has prominent ripple marks.

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Wood decking or timber decking is the ideal place for family or friends get together where you can have barbeque or have some relaxing time on the sunny days or can have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with the natural warming of wood.

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Statistically, it has shown that Chengal timber still stands above the rest of the timber species. 8 out 10 landed properties in Singapore still use Chengal for decking over their patio and proven the most durable choice in Singapore Humid Tropical Climate.

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Outdoor Timber Decking . Chengal Wood Decking Benefits and Alternatives One of the most sought-after solid in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking.

How To Maintain Chengal Wood Decking in Singapore?

These are relevant people who can advice you accordingly concerning Chengal wood decking repair. Chengal wood decking like any other structure in a home can assure you great service in case you take great care of it. The great care involves proper maintain and taking precautions on the practices that can lead to its spoilage.

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Chengal Wood Decking Benefits and Alternatives One of the most sought-after solid in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking.

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Specialise in Timber Skirting, Architrave, Decking and Flooring · Call 017 6688 567 Nelson Menu Peninsular Malaysia . The name chengal is so popular, that many other species have been given vernacular names bearing the name chengal. With the exception of pin holes, the timber of chengal is free from knots and other defects

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Chengal Wood Decking Chengal Wood has been very popular in the southeast Asia region because it is one of the hardiest and durable timber material in the market. It has a very high Janka hardness rating amongst Merbau and Teak.

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Outdoor Decking Singapore Goodhill Enterprise S Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1973 and has 2 factories with covered areas totaling over 12,000 m2. It began business as a trader in timber logs, sawmilling and the importing and exporting of timber wood, moulding products and sawn timber especially Ramin timber.

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Singapore Timber Deck, Iron Wood Deck, Chengal Wood Deck, Shelter, Trellis Timber Decking, Floor Covering, Aluminum Cladding and Structure, Building Products. This is what we do Our highly efficient team offers you an attractive price.

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Many people are saying that the stock for Chengal timber is depleting fast, and therefore young and immature Chengal trees are being cut down to make Chengal timber. This leads to many problems with the wood, such as warping, cracks and attraction of termites.

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Chengal is currently the most popular choice of material for timber decking in Singapore due to its aesthetics and authentic wooden feel. It originates mainly from Malaysia and is a popular choice of tropical for the past few decades.

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Chengal Wood Decking; Chengal wood is generally more affordable than other natural timber flooring and is quite commonly available. It originates from Malaysia and is a well-known tropical for outdoor decking over the years. lt is durable and highly resistant to termite infestation and fungi attacks.

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Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore. It is important to source for credible decking contractors who can supply home owners with quality Chengal Wood for their decking installation.

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Chengal, like Teak, has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc. Maintenance: Chengal decks should only be washed with salt water. This cleans the deck, and prevent it from drying out and the wood from shrinking.

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1. Type of decking. There are so many types of timber decking. Most common in the market are these 3 types. Chengal Wood, Balau Wood and Composite Wood. For me, I am someone who trust concrete evidence rather than talk from sales people.

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The most common wood deck so far in Singapore is Chengal wood. It gives the outdoor decks a wood feeling and a beautiful outlook. However, most consumers are still not aware that Chengal wood today is considered a protected species by Forest Stewardship Council.

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Expert in Rain Tree / Suar / Monkey Pod / Solid Wood Table Slab. Chengal Outdoor Timber Deck. Dining Table Slab. Conference Table. Console Table. Work / Study Table. Bar Table. Coffee Table. Kitchen Top. Island Top. TV Table. Chengal Wood Decking. VIEW ALL PRODUCTS.

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