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Best Solutions for Fixing Slippery Concrete - Foundation Armor

Best Solutions for Fixing Slippery Concrete Concrete can be very slippery when wet, especially if the surface of the concrete is smooth troweled, polished, or dense. There are a few different things that can be done to help make the concrete more slip resistant:

Slippery When Wet? - Decks and Fencing - Contractor Talk

Does composite decking get slippery when its wet? I was wondering how good it would be next to a pool. Ive never used the stuff before so Im not sure on it. The biggest problem with composite around a pool is the mosture you are going to have to clean the deck at least every year because mold will grow on the composite.

Installing Anti-Slip Decorative Concrete Pool Decks

The obvious solution for making decorative concrete pool decks anti-slip is to add grit to it. Common options that contractors try are aluminum oxide, sand, silica, and glass beads, each of which is added to the sealer, including our SunClear EcoProtect.

Stop Slip Solutions, Inc

Stop Slip Solutions offers safety, peace of mind and decreased liability to residents, property owners and businesses in Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton. Slippery floors, bathtubs and showers, kitchens and other wet flooring surfaces such as pool decks and sidewalks can be extremely dangerous and a high-risk liability.

Pool Deck Resurfacing - Allied Outdoor Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions can result in you having a great looking pool deck that will last a long time. stone surface that does not become slippery when wet or develops cracks after a short period of time.

Best Bets for Non-Slip Outdoor Surfaces - BuildDirect

Smooth concrete will be slippery when wet, so this type of pool deck must be installed with a special finish to add traction. Broomed and exposed aggregate finishes can add a bit of extra texture to the surface for this purpose, or a textured overlay or a sealer with clear plastic grit can be applied to create a slip-resistance surface .

Prevent Slips And Falls On Pool Decks - Safety Direct America

Safety Direct America can conduct the pendulum slip testing, either in the laboratory if you can supply a representative sample or on your slippery pool deck. In the case of ceramic tiles, its a good idea to test three independent pieces.

How Much Does a Cement Pool Deck Cost? - ImproveNet

A cement pool deck provides one of the most durable solutions to pool access. A reliable deck helps in maintaining the cleanliness of a pool when it is in use by limiting the introduction of ground material into the water.

Fixing Slippery Stamped Concrete Near Pools Concrete Decor

Fixing Slippery Stamped Concrete Near Pools Aug 13, 2013 Stamping and Texturing Concrete Stacey Enesey Klemenc This resurfaced pool deck and patio in Lake Hiawatha, N.J., features Unique Concrete NJs custom-made field stone stamp and medallion. The integrally colored concrete was stained with a homemade water-based system and sealed with

slick deck solutions - compositedeckingforsale.com

Slippery Swimming Pool Decks Slip Resistant Solutions. When tile is on a swimming pool deck it can be very slippery. We have products that you can use to make this tile non slip or anti skid. 800 741 4024. Get-Prices

SolidStepCote Non Slip Coating for Pool Decks

A slippery pool deck can be one of the most dangerous areas of a property, due to the constant presence of water and the hard surfaces used to build pool decking, pathways and other adjacent floor surfaces. This combination of factors make the pool deck a very hazardous area when it comes to slip and fall accidents.

AntiSlip Products for Slippery Sealed Concrete Solutions

Sealed Concrete. Concrete floors are a very low maintenance flooring option. Sealed concrete can be slippery, especially when wet. We recommend the following product to help make sealed concrete floors more slip resistant. Recommended Product: exterior use SlipDoctors Deck O Grip. DECK-O-GRIP is a non-yellowing, water-based, blended

Slippery Concrete Fixes Tips on Slip Resistant Flatwork

Get tips on how to fix slippery concrete. Expert, Chris Sullivan, shares tips for making concrete surfaces slip resistant. I have a customer who has a stamped concrete pool deck, but is having problems with slip resistance. The second, and more viable, solution is to combine a grit additive with the final coat of sealer to increase the


Pool Decks, Walkways and Lanais . Our Step 1-2-3 Natural Stone treatment increases COF up to 0.82 on the friction scale. Wooden Staircase. Our Floor Grip solution for wood flooring will raise the COF up to 0.74 on the friction scale. Residential Kitchen. Slick Floor Solutions

Slip Solutions - Slip Solutions in Richmond, Slip, Nonslip

We offer a simple, inexpensive method for treating all slippery surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents. We offer FREE testing and evaluations. Our treatments are long lasting and come with a written 2-year warranty Pool Decks. Stone. Slate. Travertine. Fiberglass. Stairs. Decks. Vinyl/VCT/LVT. Slip Solutions will

6 Slippery Deck Solutions - Cleaning, Prevention and Cost

In our recent decking questions and answers blog post we lightly touched on the problem of green and slippery decking which can clearly be a health hazard as well as unsightly. So today were going to delve deeper into this problem and come up with the best solutions to for slippery deck prevention and cleaning.

Slippery Travertine Pool Deck - landscape-design-advice.com

Honed Travertine Tile is Slippery by: Nick Hi, I have a beautfiful pool deck with honed travertine. It is extremely slippery when wet, and I am wondering what my options are for addressing this. I have found slip-resistant solutions online, and on their website, they recommend etching the stone since mine has not been sealed .

Anti slip Coating - New Dimensions Solutions LLC

Indoors slippery and wet swimming pool decks, locker rooms, kitchen and bathrooms floors, etc. What Materials Can I Use It On? All unsealed ceramic/porcelain tiles, brick, limestone, terrazzo, granite, marble, slate, travertine, etc. New Dimensions Solutions, LLC

Fix Slippery Travertine Floors - Slip Resistant Solutions Inc

It is easy to fix slippery travertine floors, or pool decks If you do not have a sealer on your travertine tile, then you can use Slip Zero Level 2 to treat the travertine to make it anti skid. This product will not make the travertine pool look any different but it will make it safe.

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